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7 habits of highly effective storytellers

7 habits of highly effective storytellers

What makes a good storyteller?  Imagination, creativity, lots of stewing over words? I don’t think so.  My view is not quite so romantic.  I think storytelling is more habit than hubris. Why? Well, I’ve been on the personal development bandwagon for as long as I can Continue Reading

Will this tool work for you?

Why your capability statement won’t work {+ a tool}

Last week I wrote about avoiding vanilla in capability statements to ensure you feel confident when putting your business out there from a marketing perspective and I received some interesting feedback. Funnily enough, there was a consistent theme among the questions. The Continue Reading

Avoid vanilla with these 5 tips

Avoid {capability statement} vanilla with these 5 simple tips

For some, a capability statement might seem totally last century.  Not in a vintage kind of way, just plain old fashioned.  And in the whirlwind of social media marketing {SMM}, it probably is, at least, in the format that it was once known.   For the Social Media Eliteocracy, Continue Reading