Roslyn – Inspiring Greatness

Roslyn came to inCommz with loads of ideas about her business, but a lot of uncertainty about where to start and pull it all together.  In terms of her conent capital, the great thing was she had a compelling story, no matter which way you told it so we had good material to work with. 

Over the past months we have pulled together a suite of content that truly connects and communicates with her audience – women who are looking to address the challenging emotional issues in their lives.

We developed Roslyn’s professional profiles, re-worked her e-book, prepared content for her website and helped with the design process, prepared pitches for business opportunities that came up, prepared her first content schedule for her Facebook marketing and worked with her to develop the content.

It has been an enriching experience for Roslyn, who is now well on her way to becoming content savvy and telling her story in ways that stick.

Zahrina – Zahrina Photography

Zahrina is an internationally renowned personal branding expert.  World class is just one way that you’d describe her and the powerful personal brand images she produces for her market savvy clients.  Like many entrepreneurs on her way up, Zahrina had numerous projects on the go.  One of these was her personal branding book, Brand Yes. 

Working with Zahrina’s draft we identified the golden stories that captured who she is and what inspires her to bring out the best in her clients. 

We helped her to articulate the personal branding journey for someone who is aiming for world class by mapping the journey, making the book a workbook and guide for personal branding.  We made the book flow, read well, and most importantly, tell her story, further cementing her position as the authority on all things personal branding.

Dr Gary Leong – Digging for Gold

Dr Gary is one of the world’s leading endocrinologists in childhood obesity and someone with a mission to improve the quality of life for children and their families living with obesity.

Apart from a wealth of experience and knowledge, Gary also brought to up a stack of Moleskin notebooks and scribbles he had collected and it was these that were to form the content for his book.

We took Dr Gary through the Digging for Gold exercise, whereby we were able to clarify his values, the values of his target market, and most importantly, the stories he wanted to share with them.  In a very short time we had mapped out the book’s chapters and core content, something he’d been struggling with for a very long time.  

On his way to bringing his book to life, Gary has finally realised a long held dream that will see him impact and save many more lives.